Of Death

I have never feared death,
Even though its hands are heavier than nothingness.
My fear, though, is of dying on a land
Where the wage of a gravedigger
Is higher than
The price of a human’s freedom.

And then
Choosing at will,
And to build a bulwark
Out of oneself_

If death has a price higher than these,
Never, never, ever I am scared of death.[……]

ادامه ی متن


He who says “I love you”

is a sad soloist

having lost his song.


I wish love had

a tongue to speak


A thousand happy larks

are in your eyes,

A thousand silent canaries

in my throat.


I wish

love had a tongue to speak


He who says “I love[……]

ادامه ی متن

To a Skull

[Short Screenplay]

Ext. Ally Pavement Day – Day

A gray screen. We hear cat screams. The screen fades to the pavement of an ally. Pan to two cats mating. Then the lustful moans of a woman replace the cats’ screams.


Int. Bedroom – Day

Cut to the face of a woman who is moaning and b[……]

ادامه ی متن

To a Skull

Your father moaned

like a mature cat

And your mother was thinking about

the pleasing pain of the end;

and that in her pathway

she must

wrap your swaddle clothes

around a humble fool;

Or perhaps she was in her motherly dream of

a tassel she would sew on your nightcap.




ادامه ی متن

In the Field

There are thing the eyes catch,

and things the eyes miss.

For instance:

The square where the troops

practice massacre,

can be a green field;

where the children of the rainbow


and chant

Thus, he

who grins

at the last call,

can only be

a grin

before “the fire”!


ادامه ی متن

Ahmad Shamlou


The dawn and dusk of Ahmad Shamlou


“I prefer poetry to be a clarion
and not a lullaby.”[1]
-Ahmad Shamlou


Ahmad Shamlou, also known under pen-names of A. Sobh (A. Morning) and A. Bamdad (A. Dawn), is one of the most influential people in contemporary Persian lit[……]

ادامه ی متن