Definition of Praying

When some are in a difficult situation, others keep repeating “pray, pray, pray, let’s pray for them. You pray too; it’ll solve all your problems.” While in fact they are sitting on their asses and doing nothing of any use. That made me looked up the definition of pray in my dictionary:

pray (verb) /preI/ gerund or present participle: praying Hallucinating that one is being helpful for the wellness of people afflicted, while in fact, one is not making any results other than putting oneself in a selfish drunken stupor not to feel any pain. "Morons outside were filming the accident, while others at home were praying for the ones trapped under the rubble to survive."


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Ahmad Shamlou

The dawn and dusk of Ahmad Shamlou


“I prefer poetry to be a clarion
and not a lullaby.”[1]
Ahmad Shamlou

Introduction to Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamlou, also known under pen-names of A. Sobh (A. Morning) and A. Bamdad (A. Dawn), is one of the most influential people in contemporary Per[……]

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A Thought on Immigration

My mother kept asking me why I want to leave all the convenience I have in my country and go live in a different country where I might be mocked for my skin color, hair color, accent, and nationality; or somewhere that I have no equal rights to the native inhabitants. But she stopped asking when I r[……]

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[A Short Story]


Some say it is like giving birth to a child, some say it is worse _it is just horrible. Trying to push small pieces of stone out of your bladder, you would beg for the yellow drops of urine come after being frightened by seeing the painful red drops of blood dancing in the[……]

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Haiku #1

Stones and cats his toys,
the kid grew up to be a judge_
Stones and men this time.

Stones and Men

Drop of Void

[A Short Screenplay]



The door of the apartment opens, and a man and woman carrying two suitcases come inside. As soon as the man closes the door behind, he drops his suitcase and hugs the woman. He kisses and touches her. The woman enjoys it. The man contin[……]

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Hello world!

After writing so much lies about happiness, ambition, and that sort of stuff in the SOPs and application letters that I have sent to different universities in the past month, I think what great freedom it is to write the truth in a personal website. It’s much better than any social network. I have a[……]

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