Derafsh-e Mehr

I have a knack for journalism and media, that is why during my BA at the University of Mazandaran I participated in publishing a literary seasonal journal in English, named Derafsh-e Mehr. I said participating, but the truth is that 90% of the whole project was done by me. I designed and printed the journal, did the public relations stuff, publicized and sold the printed copies, did all the online works, edited and proofread the received works, and even more. I put in some of my own writings as well.

This journal is not perfect in any way. I am aware of the deficiencies it has _after all it was a student work, but then again I am very proud of the whole project because so far it has been my best creative project. It made me feel so happy when months after the publishing of this magazine and my graduation from the university I learned that some of the people whose works were published in Derafsh-e Mehr, actually gave references to it in their CVs and portfolios. It made me think that I have done something that people consider valuable enough to take credit for, and it will stay around for at least some years.

Anyway, we sold the printed copies at the university, although I put the digital versions on the journal’s weblog, where one could download them for free. They are still there, you can download all 4 published issues in fine quality. I still have some printed black & white issues, you can buy any of them if you are interested.

I’m going to list here all of the digital addresses where we had activities regarding Derafsh-e Mehr, but I’m also going to list download links for the aforementioned 4 issues downloadable from this website. I have uploaded them once again on this website because the assholes in Iran have filtered all the overseas weblog services including the one on which we had opened a weblog (WordPress). That means, right now if you are in Iran you won’t be able to access the weblog without an anti-filter program. They actually started filtering all non-Iranian weblog services exactly a few weeks after I opened Derafsh-e Mehr weblog. If you are wondering why a government would do such a thing, I must tell you it’s because they want to force Iranians to use only the weblog services inside Iran, which the government has full control over them. They can close the weblog anytime without warning, and they can easily spot you, come and arrest you, and put an iron fist up in your bottom hole in prison if they find you too dangerous.

Anyway, enough of politics. Here are the addresses:

  • This is the link to the weblog where I used to put all the information about Derafsh-e Mehr. You can find the download page here on this weblog:
  • This is the link to the Facebook page that I opened up for Derafsh-e Mehr fans:
  • And this is the link to the Facebook group where I and sometimes other people posted interesting stuff about literature:

If you don’t have anti-filter program, or you’re not interested in going through Derafsh-e Mehr weblog to find the download page, find the direct filter-free links by which you can download PDF versions of the 4 issues of Derafsh-e Mehr on the next page.