About Sinarium

My name is Seyyed Mohammad Sina Ghasemi Mousavi (yes, you’re right, my name is very long _so what?!), but I usually introduce myself as Sina Ghasemi. You can call me Sina. I was born on Sept. 3rd, 1991, in Iran.

You see me smiling here, and you might think this must be a nice guy. But don’t be fooled! I’m not a nice guy, and I don’t usually smile. This smile is just to fool you. 😆 

Cinema, literature, and philosophy are among the few things I love in the world. So, on this website, you are going to read a lot about these. You might also read about politics, languages, arts, everyday trivial, and my memories. I’m going to fill your brain with a lot of nonsense.

I sometimes write essays, screenplays, stories, poems, or other genres of writing. I will share some of them here. Read them if you like, although I strongly warn you not to! You can like or comment, although I don’t give a damn _becasue I’m an asshole! And you may share or use parts of them in other places, but you MUST give reference _or else one day you might be walking in the street with headphones in your ear, thinking how happy and beautiful life is… and suddenly you feel a paralysing pain in your side, you look down and see the blood rushing from a knife that sticks in your side in a funny way. Then you look up and see exactly the same face on the top right side of this page smiling at you! So, don’t plagiarize, don’t die a painful death…

By this time you’re wondering about the name of my website: Sinarium! It means a lot of meanings depending on how you read it. It can mean all of these at the same time: Sinarium, Sina’s place, where Sina posts his scenarios, and the place of sin.

Contact me if you like.